Laptop Repair Service

Apple mac laptop with a broken hinge

With twenty-five years' experience repairing Laptop's, we are confident that we can fix your machine. Whether the problem is with the hardware, software or a mix of the two, we will find a solution. We work extensively on leading-edge technology, but are just as comfortable working with older systems, and have built a reputation with many of our customers for being able to repair outdated technology that other repair workshops have given up on.

Our engineers, have gained experience working with a wide-range of makes and models, including Amstrad, Apple, Compaq,Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Lenovo,Olivetti, Phillips, Sony, Toshiba and many more.

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Standard Service

Our standard service comes with no obligation quote. If we are unable to offer an economical repair, or you decide not to go ahead with the repair for any reason, there is nothing to pay (other than return shipping, if required). We aim to have provided you with a quote within five working days of us receiving your laptop, but we usually achieve this within three.

Queue Jumper

If time is of the essence, we offer a "Queue Jumper" service. This means your unit is allocated to one of our engineers as soon as we receive it. Your quote will be provided that day, and we often have the repair completed within twenty-four hours. It's not uncommon for these repairs to come in and go out again on the same day! There is a fee of £35.00 + VAT for this service which is payable in advance.

How is the Laptop repair carried out?

We understand how important computers can be, in both business and home environments. To ensure our repairs are as fast and economical as they can be, we aim to repair to component level where possible before fitting replacement parts. When we do need to fit parts, we keep a stock of common items in our workshop but may have to order in more specialist items.

All items that we receive for repair are immediately booked on to our bespoke tracking system. Once an engineer has examined your laptop we will provide you with a quote before carrying out any work. If it is beneficial, we will give you a call prior to this to discuss any options or issues that may be worthy of consideration. If any parts are required that we don't hold in stock, it is at this point we will order them - we receive most parts on a next-day delivery basis.

Once the repair is complete we will fully test the laptop, let you know that it is ready and get it shipped back to you if required.

All of our laptop repairs are subject to our minimum repair fee of £75.00 + VAT if you choose to go ahead with the quote.

Laptop that has been take apart